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Ziploc Easy Open Tabs Freezer Gallon Bags (152 ct.)

Ziploc Easy Open Tabs Freezer Gallon Bags (152 ct.)

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  • Ziploc freezer gallon bags protect against freezer burn
  • Heavy-duty bag keeps food in and secure
  • Double-zipper design seals easily and securely
  • Keeps food tasting fresher longer
  • Design makes it easy to hold and to open


Ziploc® Easy Open Tabs Freezer Gallon Bags are a surefire way to keep freezer burn out while keeping freshness in. They are a shield against both the damage that is often done by freezers and the escape of that flavor you love so much.

Smart Zip™ Seal

There are a few different qualities that give Ziploc Double Zipper Gallon Freezer Bags the edge over many other self-closing plastic bags. First, they have the Smart Zip™ seal that offers a reliable locking mechanism. As your fingers finish the run of the closed top, you both know and can feel that it has been successfully closed and your food has been protected.

The Benefit of a Double Zipper

One seal can often be enough, particularly with the Smart Zip technology. However, twice the seal means twice the protection. Ziploc Easy Open Tabs Freezer Gallon Bags feature a double seal. If the first seal were to be opened up, the second one would come to the rescue.

Prevent Freezer Burn

The other advantage that Ziploc Easy Open Tabs Freezer Gallon Bags have is the fact that they are engineered with double-zipper closure. This extra measure creates an effective barrier against freezer burn, which can happen when warm air enters and escapes from a single-zipper bag.


  • 152 bags total
  • Ziploc Freezer Bags are 2.6mils +/- 0.3mils
  • Bag Dimensions: 10 9/16" x 10 3/4"
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Patented double zipper
  • Easily closes together for a secure seal
  • Easy to grasp and open
  • Best freezer bag value



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