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Zest Grapefruit Peel + Guarana - Body Wash - 18 oz - 6 Packs

Zest Grapefruit Peel + Guarana - Body Wash - 18 oz - 6 Packs

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CLEAN ZESTFULLY: Splash, refresh, repeat! Enjoy the classic scent of the Zest Aqua body wash with its clean-rinsing formula and invigorating fragrance. Start your day with this refreshing burst of clean before your hike, interview, or coffee date. You’ll be ready for anything. Each bottle contains 18 fl oz.

WASH AWAY GERMS: Splash zestfully, we’ve found your new morning ritual. Wash away germs with the gentle Zest Aqua body wash, its rich lather will give you nourished and hydrated skin in no time!

RICH IN MOISTURE and VITAMIN E: Zest Aqua body wash is enhanced with Vitamin E for skin left cleansed, soft, invigorated, and shower-fresh as you revive your senses every morning.

NO HARSH CHEMICALS HERE: Zest Aqua is an effective formula for men, women, and all skin types. It’s paraben-free, phthalate-free, and contains no harsh chemicals.

CLEAN ZESTFULLY: Clean isn’t just how we feel. It’s what we do. When we take a moment to Clean Zestfully, we set in motion a whole lot more doing: we dance, we play, we cook, we create, we dream. And we do it Zestfully. It starts with 20 seconds of washing with our favorite scent. That one refreshing moment goes a long way. It makes us feel a little more alive, a little more unstoppable, and it may just help heal the world. So, let’s do more than just get clean. Let’s live, Zestfully.



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