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Weider Prime Prostate Health Dietary Supplement, 120 Capsules

Weider Prime Prostate Health Dietary Supplement, 120 Capsules

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Promotes Flow & Normal Frequency.



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  • What are ingredients?

    We have added a picture to the product listing that shows the ingredient list.

  • Is this product good for enlarged prostate

    It's not a treatment option, as it will not treat it, but it is good for overall well being of prostate

  • can you take 2 pills at the same time or should you take on in the morning and one at night?

    It should not make significant difference is consumed together or the dosage is split. It's up to your preference

  • is this product made in america?


  • where are they made?

    It's manufactured in Arizona

  • Will this work if prostate has been removed

    You should consult with your doctor

  • What is Dual Action with N.O. Boost

    Dual action means it ask thru two pathways and N.O. boost means it boost nitric oxide to your prostate

  • What is the purpose

    To provide nutriets and vitamins to maintain healthy prostate

  • what is in this product?

    We uploaded an image of the nutritional label

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