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Weber Jalapeno Popper Seasoning (9.75 oz.) (Pack of 2)

Weber Jalapeno Popper Seasoning (9.75 oz.) (Pack of 2)

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  • Created by Weber, the experts in grilling, to stand up the heat of the grill
  • Formulated to enhance flavor and enable delicious caramelization from the grill or smoker
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial flavors


Weber Jalapeño Popper seasoning is an easy way to add the delicious savory flavors of jalape&nbtilde;o poppers to your favorite recipes! This flavorful seasoning blend features garlic, jalapeño, and smoky flavors perfect for livening up milder proteins like chicken, turkey, fish and even vegetables. With just a slight hint of heat, this seasoning makes it easy to create a delicious and memorable meal that will become a new family favorite!

Weber grill seasonings are premium spices blended together using the science of the grill. Crafted specifically to hold up to the heat of the grill, these blends are formulated to enhance flavor and enable that perfect sear on your protein or vegetable. This seasoning blend is also ideal for recipes that call for stove cooking, oven roasting and baking, and even air-frying!

When grilling, brush your protein with a bit of olive oil and then add Weber grill seasoning before searing or smoking. For cooking on stove or in oven, shake on seasoning before, during and even after cooking for a full-flavored result. The bottles feature a dual flip-top cap so you can shake or pour onto your proteins and grilled favorites.

Welcome Weber seasonings to your cooking and grilling for an easy way to add premium, flavorful seasonings to all your favorites recipes.




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