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Versatiles Introductory Kit Gr 4 (Pack of 2)

Versatiles Introductory Kit Gr 4 (Pack of 2)

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VersaTiles is a do-it-yourself learning method where students can work on subjects relative to their grade level, whether it be math, English, writing, science, phonics skills and more. Kids will be able to solve problems on each VersaTiles worksheet of their workbooks by placing the numbered side of their tiles face up in the answer case, then flipping the closed case to self-check and see if the patterns on the back of the tiles match the answer key. Solve it! Flip It! Check It! VersaTiles Introductory Kits are a perfect start to the VersaTiles system. The kit is uniquely designed so students can explore hands-on skills practice at home or in the classroom. VersaTiles offers workbooks for students enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade. These introductory kits will be just the beginning for your little one's educational journey, as we offer additional workbooks that you can use your new VersaTiles answer case for! For over 50 years, hand2mind has encouraged hands-on learning and discovery, driving deeper understanding and helping children unlock their full potential. With products designed to enhance learning in the classroom and the world around us, we strive to find new ways to encourage hands-on exploration and discovery.
Product Type: Hands-On Activities
Recommended Grade: Grade 4+
Recommended Age: 9+ Years


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