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Tartan + Twine Gold Foil Hanging Valet Organizer, 5-Piece Set

Tartan + Twine Gold Foil Hanging Valet Organizer, 5-Piece Set

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  • Hanging Valet Organizer in Gold Foil print
  • Includes zippered beauty tool purse case
  • Perfect travel comestic organizer 
  • 3 clear 60ml bottles


Small hotel rooms with little counter space? Cramped drawer space at home? The Tartan + Twine Hanging Travel Valet from Conair anticipates all of your makeup and beauty storage challenges! Just use the hook to hang the valet comestic bag on a peg or knob and open it for a full display and easy access to all of your contents.

The Hanging Valet features two flat zippered pockets, one deep clear plastic pocket and three mesh pockets that allow for easy in and out of your items. The entire makeup bag snaps shut with a magnetic closure and is lined to protect contents from any unexpected spills or leaks.

The beautiful Pink Gold Foil pattern with gold-tone hardware makes it a stylish addition to your travel routine or bathroom.

The included purse kit provides storage for your makeup pencils and other small beauty tools to keep your purse or counter organized. Your accessories never looked this stylish! Don't worry about getting marks or spills on the inside because this case's interior compartment is fully lined for easy cleanup.

Don’t forget your favorite liquids! Take them along in the 3 included 60ml clear bottles. All three bottles can slide into your hanging valet bag and you are ready to head out!

How to Use

Use the hook of the Valet on a peg or hook for easy access to your beauty items, roll shut for travel. The Purse Case can be used in a bag, purse, car, drawer or on a counter to keep your items organized.

Just fill your bottles with your choice of products: shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, shower soap, etc. and screw on the lid and place in your hanging valet for easy travel!

What is the Hanging Valet Organizer made of?

The material is made from Microfiber and PVC for easy cleaning.

What are the measurements?

The dimensions of the Valet folded closed are 11" x 2" x 7.75" and open it is 11" x 1.5" x 21.5". The Clutch is 7.75" x 4" x 4".


Material: Microfiber and PVC


Valet folded closed: 11 x 2 x 7.75

Valet open: 11 x 1.5 x 21.5

Clutch is 7.75 x 4 x 4

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