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Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Dry Floor Cleaner Cloths (50 ct.)

Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Dry Floor Cleaner Cloths (50 ct.)

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  • Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Clothes lock away 2x dirt and dust
  • 2x More Trap + Lock of dirt, dust, and hair vs. multi-surface Sweeper dry cloth
  • Over 30,000 3D fibers


Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Dry cloths are super thick with fibers that clean deep in grooves to trap and lock 2X* dirt, dust and hair allowing you to quickly and easily clean all your hard floor surfaces. Over 30,000 3D fibers brush into tight spaces gathering dust, dirt and pet hair. It's also great on grout and other floors, from tile to finished hardwood. When you're done, throw that pad-and all its dirt-away. This pack contains 50 pieces of Swiffer Heavy Duty Dry sweeper refills to help you keep your home clean and tidy!

Over 30,000 3D fibers reach deep in grooves, picking up dirt, dust and pet hair

Safe on all floor types, so you can use it on tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring.

Get dirt out of your home. Once you're done, just toss the pad and all the dirt away!

Also try Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Wet Cloth Refills to make mopping floors a breeze. You'll get the cleaning power of a mop and the convenience of a wipe

For best results, use with Swiffer Sweeper and Swiffer Sweep + Vac.

Can Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Dry Pad Refills be Reused?

Swiffer Heavy Duty dry refills pick up a lot of dust and dirt while cleaning and should be disposed of after every use. However, you can use one piece for cleaning multiple rooms around the home.

Where Can Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Dry Pads be Used?

Swiffer Heavy Duty Dry Cloths are safe for cleaning almost hand hard surface floor type. This includes linoleum, vinyl, laminate, marble, stone, ceramic tile, and hardwood floors. Swiffer Heavy Duty Dry Cloths attach to a Swiffer Sweeper device (sold separately). These refills are 10.3" x 7.8".


Contains 50 dry cloths

Deep pockets trap and lock dirt and dust

30,000 3D fibers per cloth

*vs. Sweeper Multi-Surface Dry Cloth



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