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Slim Jim Original (120 ct.)

Slim Jim Original (120 ct.)

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  • Includes 120 individually-wrapped Slim Jim Original meat sticks
  • Great for vending machines, concession stands, kids' lunches and convenience stores
  • Display box included


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meaty snack, Slim Jim® Original (120 ct.) meat sticks are a spicy bold option. They have the protein to keep you full and powered through the afternoon and satisfy those cravings. Because they're made with real beef, chicken and pork, you can feel good about snacking on Slim Jim snack sticks or putting them in your kid's lunchbox. Satisfy your hunger with this 120-pack of classic Slim Jim beef sticks.

The Story Behind Slim Jim Beef Sticks

Invented by Adolph Levis in 1929 Philadelphia, PA, the beef Slim Jim was first put into production in the 1940s. Levis, a young entrepreneur, saw that customers at bars consistently bought pepperonis and wanted to create a similar meaty product that could compete. The Slim Jim Original beef sticks were first sold in bars. Even though he was a high school dropout, Levis' entrepreneurial skills made his career take off when he sold his company to General Mills in 1967. After being taken over by General Mills, Slim Jim snack sticks started being made in Raleigh, NC. The snack was a hit among Americans who were steering away from carb-heavy snacks and sugary sweets.

Fun Fact About Slim Jim Snack Sticks

Did you know that "Slim Jim" wasn't the original name of Levis' Slim Jim beef sticks? In his 2001 Associated Press obituary, it's revealed that Levis originally called his Slim Jim snack sticks "Penn Rose" after his home state of Pennsylvania. The name, however, didn't catch on and Levis later renamed his product to the moniker we know and love today.


120 - 0.28 oz. sticks



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