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Reynolds Wrap 12" Aluminum Foil (250 sq. ft., 2 ct.)

Reynolds Wrap 12" Aluminum Foil (250 sq. ft., 2 ct.)

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  • Can be used for a variety of ways
  • Convenient packaging to help ease of use
  • Multipurpose aluminum foil 
  • Use for cooking, storage and much more


Reynolds Wrap® 12" Aluminum Foil has a long history of being the ideal everyday solution for storing, prepping, and cooking food. It is easy to rip, easy to use, and easy to store.

What are Some Uses for Reynolds Wrap? Wrap. Line. Cover

Reynolds Wrap 12" aluminum foil is great for keeping foods fresh in several situations. When you finish up a meal, you can quickly wrap the leftovers and put them in the fridge. If something needs to be frozen, you can use this versatile kitchen foil to prevent freezer burn and toss it in the freezer. Spread some on the bottom of pans before baking for an easy clean up. You can even grab one of the aluminum foil squares to put over a spattering pan during frying.

The Convenience of a Stay-Closed Tab

Even the packaging holding Reynolds Wrap 12" wide Aluminum Foil has its conveniences. It has a stay-closed tab that keeps it shut when you're done using it and features a cutter so you can tear off exactly how much you want. This way, the wrap won't unexpectedly tumble out onto the floor. It stays neatly arranged and ready for its next use. Reynolds Wrap is an excellent solution to making sure your fresh food stays fresh and ready to enjoy.

Easy Prep. Easy Cook. Easy Clean.


Two (2) 250 sq. ft. rolls = 500 total square feet of aluminum foil

Stay-closed tab

A simple, no-mess solution for delicious home-cooked meals

Box Size: 2.25" tall



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