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Red Bull Energy (16 fl. oz., 12 pk.)

Red Bull Energy (16 fl. oz., 12 pk.)

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  • Energy drink to enhance focus and concentration
  • Made with high-quality ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, B-Group vitamins, sucrose, glucose and water
  • Caffeine content: 151 mg/16 fl oz.


Get yourself in the zone with this Red Bull® Energy Drink (16 oz., 12 pk.). It's enjoyed by everyone from top athletes and busy professionals to college students and travelers. 

What's in This Red Bull Energy Drink?

Each Red Bull Energy Drink offers a sharp, bold flavor that many find appetizing. In addition to its delicious taste, this beverage can also supply your body with the energy you need to finish the day strong. Loaded with caffeine, you may find that this drink increases your ability to focus and concentrate on your most important tasks.

Is this Energy Boost Drink Good For You?

Despite its memorable flavor, this power drink can also provide a variety of additional benefits. One can contains many healthy ingredients like niacin, vitamin B12 and other important nutrients. Additionally, this energy drink contains zero grams of fat.

Who Makes This Energy Drink?

This drink comes from Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian company that was founded in 1987. Although it started out small, Red Bull has since become enormously popular and is sold in over 100 different countries. 

A Travel-Friendly Beverage

If you're trying to quench thirst while you're on the road, then this energy drink makes things easier for you. Thanks to these thin, 16 oz. cans, you can keep Red Bull by your side almost anywhere. Their handy, compact design makes carrying them around comfortable and effortless. Pack one in your bag and take it to work or to the gym to have access to the energy-fueling power.

A Sizable Quantity

With 12 cans in one box, this is an excellent choice for restocking vending machines, convenience stores and concession stands. You can also keep them in the refrigerator at home to have a refreshing, cold drink any time.


12 original Red Bull Energy drink cans, 16 fl. oz. (473mL) per can

Contains 0g of fat

Individually marked for resale




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