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Premier Protein High Protein Shake, Bananas & Cream (11 fl. oz., 12 pack)

Premier Protein High Protein Shake, Bananas & Cream (11 fl. oz., 12 pack)

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  • Helps curb appetite and promotes muscle growth
  • Great tasting and convenient way to get the protein your body needs
  • Enjoy as a delicious meal replacement, snack or workout fuel
  • Contains essential vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids
  • Gluten and soy free


Premier Protein Shakes

Whether you're trying to add protein to your diet or trying to curb hunger pangs, the Premier Protein High Protein Shake hits the spot. Each Premier Protein shake contains 30 grams of protein, complete with all the essential amino acids, 1 gram of sugar and 5 grams of carbs. Low in fat, with only 160 calories, this shake also provides 24 vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients to Help Fuel You

Premier Protein uses a proprietary blend of milk protein, casein, and whey protein in their shakes to help fuel muscles quickly and for several hours to help support your goals. Enjoy a shake as a meal replacement or a healthy snack.

They are perfect for breakfast on the go, an afternoon snack or as pre- or post-workout fuel. They are delicious as is but are also highly customizable. Try blending with your favorite fruits and vegetables for a delicious smoothie or adding to cereal or oatmeal.




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