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Polka Dog Wonder Nuggets Beef Sweet Potato Mini 2.5Oz

Polka Dog Wonder Nuggets Beef Sweet Potato Mini 2.5Oz

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After an interminable day of chewing shoes and staring through windows, where�s the threshold, the moment you relax your lonesome vigil? The sound of a door opening? The first scratch behind your ears? No! You know you�ve earned your keep when, instead of kibble, your human serves you juicy steak and sweet potato fries. Brothers and sisters, imagine that singular moment transformed into soft nuggets of wonder. Wonder Nuggets of U.S. beef and sweet potato! There�s your reward. You�ve earned it. Your dog will love these soft & chewy, all-natural dog treats made with sweet potato and beef from right here in the USA. Antioxident Rich Raised on USA Farms Sized for Training Taurine Rich



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