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Peak 18" Standard Foodservice Aluminum Foil (750 sq. ft.)

Peak 18" Standard Foodservice Aluminum Foil (750 sq. ft.)

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  • Standard aluminum foil with metal cutting bar
  • Perfect for lining baking sheets or covering pans to keep food warm
  • Safe for use in oven, refrigerator or freezer
  • 100% Recyclable


Peak 18" Standard Foodservice Aluminum Foil (750 sq. ft.) suits the needs of both home and commercial kitchens.

Prepare and Cook With Ease

Peak foil can be used for food prep, grilling, food storage and baking. Make clean-up a breeze by lining your pans or grill grates. The sturdy, corrugated box comes with a metal cutting edge that helps you get a clean cut to the exact size that you need whether you are a home cook or professional chef. Save on clean-up time with Peak Standard Foodservice Aluminum Foil by preparing your food ahead of time and using our foil to keep your food warm. With 750 square feet of aluminum foil, you'll be able to cook without worry of a mess in the kitchen knowing that clean-up will be a breeze.

Great Product for All Kitchens

This foil is perfect for lining baking sheets, wrapping up food or covering food to keep it warm. Our foil works great for hosting large events and parties. Likewise, if you are a small business owner or catering company, this foil will have you covered. Made from high-quality aluminum, this standard aluminum foil is thin yet strong and durable so that your food stays protected when stored or heated up. No matter whether you are cooking at home or in a commercial kitchen, Peak Standard Foodservice Aluminum Foil is a must-have item in any kitchen.

For tougher jobs, check out our Peak Heavy Duty Foodservice Aluminum Foil.


  • SIZE: 18" x 500'
  • MATERIAL: Aluminum Foil
  • DETAILS: Standard Aluminum Foil Roll
  • QUANTITY: 750 sq. ft.
  • Kosher



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