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Pacer 16-14 AWG Heat Shrink Male Disconnect - 3 Pack (Pack of 4)

Pacer 16-14 AWG Heat Shrink Male Disconnect - 3 Pack (Pack of 4)

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16-14 AWG Heat Shrink Male Disconnect - 3 Pack

Disconnects are a type of terminal intended to be disconnected and reconnected multiple times. This makes them ideal for use where field serviceability is an issue. Disconnects are a great way to protect electrical connections. Whether dealing with mechanical abuse, wire pull-out, or abrasion, they are a solid choice for longevity. Disconnects are sometimes known as quick connects or slip-on connectors.


  • Partially insulated
  • Male disconnect
  • Protects terminations from water, condensation, salt spray, and corrosion
  • Added vibration protection in rugged environments
  • Disconnect & reconnectable
  • Creates solid connections
  • Meets multiple compliances


  • Environmentally sealed 
  • Built for durability
  • Tinned Copper 
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to install


  • Insulation Color: Blue
  • Wire AWG: 16-14 AWG
  • Package Size: Three included
  • Disconnect Size (inch): 0.250
  • Shrink Ratio: Approximately 3:1 at 135 °C
  • Operating Temperature: -55 °C - 125 °C
  • Volume Resistivity: 1015 Ohm-cm3
  • Dielectric Strength: 900-V/mil
  • Voltage Rating: 600-V

Manufacturer Part Numbers: TDE14-250M-3
Quick Guide (PDF)


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