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NOMEDA Candies 17.64 oz. (500 g.)

NOMEDA Candies 17.64 oz. (500 g.)

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Nomeda - two layers of waffles, covered with fruit mass with nut crumbs.

Ingredients:Sugar, apple puree (rubbed apples, potassium sorbate), chocolate ((sugar, cocoa, crushed cocoa, vegetable fat (in various parts: shorts, olives, shea butter), cocoa butter, emulsifiers: soy lecine, polyglycerol policerol polyiricoleate; crushed waffles and waffle sheets (wheat flour, rapeseed oil, dough rising materials: sodium carbonates, ammonium carbonates; edible salt, soy -lectin), almonds, crushed peanuts, acidity regulatory substances: citric acid and rubber citates; Stickler pectins, flavoring. There may be traces of cashews, hazelnuts, milk (including lactose) and their products. In chocolate mass, cocoa dry materials at least 43%.

Nutritional information per 3.53 oz. (100 g.):Energy value: 1728,00 kJ / 410.00 kcal; fat: 12.00 g; saturated fatty acids: 4.40 g; carbohydrates: 69.00 g; sugars: 61.00 g; protein: 4.70 g; Salt: 0.10 g;



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  • Hello, We operate free Global Food Pantries at New Hampshire colleges filled with food items that students request. A student has requested this Nomeda chocolate bar. Is the 9.99 price for 1 chocolate bar? Thank you. Sandra from The Daily Good (

    The price is for 500 grams / 17.64 oz  of candies.

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