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National Geographic Science Kit (3 pk)

National Geographic Science Kit (3 pk)

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  • Build an erupting volcano

  • Watch as crystals grow from the branches of evergreen and cherry trees

  • Break open these beautiful geodes to discover beautiful minerals inside

  • Make science fun with these 3 great kids activities

  • Detailed color learning guides are included with fascinating facts


National Geographic Science Kit (3 pk)

Combine your artistic creativity with science. The crystal growing set allows you to color your crystal trees any way you want with the included watercolor markers.

The erupting volcano is a classic STEM project that teaches kids about Chemistry, Geology, and Earth Science. The included learning material provides a wealth of educational information on volcano science.

Find amazing crystals inside the best geodes from mines all over the world.

This Volcano Eruption Kit includes:

Volcano Mold

Paints & Paintbrush

Eruption Powder

2 Volcanic Rock Specimens (Geodes and Pumice)

Full Color Learning Guide

Full Color Learning Guide

The Crystal Garden Kit includes:

2 Tree Bases, 2 Cherry Trees, 1 Evergreen Tree

5 Washable Markers

3 Packs of Crystal Growing Liquid

1 Instruction Booklet & 1 Full-Color Learning Guide

1 Genuine Geode Specimen

The Geode Science Kit includes:

2 Premium Geodes & 1 Display Stand

1 Magnifying Glass

1 Pair of Googles



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