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MOMO Bike Tailgate Pad

MOMO Bike Tailgate Pad

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  • Universal fit

  • Capacity for six bikes

  • Additional straps to secure bikes or other heavy duty cargo

  • Weatherproof material


The MOMO Bike Tail Gate Pad features a universal fit in order to work with all make of trucks. It also features a swede-like interior material to protect the original vehicle paint. The MOMO Tailgate Pad has capacity for five bikes or other heavy-duty activities. After studying the market shares of trucks, MOMO developed a wider opening for truck handle that additionally allows the back up camera to have a clear view.

Is it easy to install?

The MOMO Tailgate Pad is easy to install, no tools are recommended during installation as it could damage the MOMO Seat Cover Pro or the actual car seat of the vehicle.

Is there more than one size?

The MOMO Tailgate Pad comes in one size that fits all. Therefore, we consider it Universal Fit. MOMO Tailgate Pad expanded the truck handle space in order to fit any position, additionally it provides the back up camera with a clear view.

What Materials are used in the making of MOMO Tailgate Pad?

The MOMO Tailgate is made of reinforced PVC in order to endure heavy-duty activities and provide a longer life spam. Additionally the inside of the MOMO Tailgate Pad features a swede-like material to protect and preserve the original paint of the vehicle. The MOMO Tailgate Pad has five straps that guarantee the safety of the Bikes/Cargo while on the road.

What is the history of MOMO?

MOMO is an Italian brand, founded by race car driver Gianpiero Moretti in 1964. After using his own Steering Wheel in a Racing competition, other drivers started to notice the benefits, design, comfort and wanted the same MOMO steering wheel. At that point Gianpiero Moreti turned his passion into a manufacturing reality. On that same year Ferrari won the title race using a MOMO Steering Wheel.

Need more help or have more questions?

MOMO is here to support you; please email us at for more inquiries regarding this product or it's installation. We thank you for choosing MOMO.



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