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Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil ( 1-quart bottles, 6-pk) (Pack of [])

Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil ( 1-quart bottles, 6-pk) (Pack of [])

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  • Meets or exceeds the latest OEM and industry standards

  • Provides excellent overall performance

  • Excellent low temperature capabilities for rapid engine protection at start-up

  • Enhanced frictional properties that aid fuel economy

  • Provides exceptional cleaning power for dirty engines


Mobil 1™ FS 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil is the oil your car needs to stay running smoothly at any age and in any conditions. This motor oil keeps engines free of debris and buildup by keeping everything properly lubricated and reducing friction and wear between parts. With inferior oil, sludge can accumulate and detract from your engine's performance and natural power. Mobil 1 synthetic oil unleashes the power of your engine and keeps it at the top of its performance for the life of the vehicle. It also ensures higher fuel efficiency and better performance under stressful conditions such as icy cold or blistering hot weather. Mobil synthetic motor oil is used by racing teams that have won all the major races around the world, from Le Mans to the Indy 500.

Can You Use Mobile One Synthetic Oil in Diesel Engines?

Yes, Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated without diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and will work in both the latest diesel and latest gasoline engines.

Is Mobil 1 0W 40 OEM Approved?

Yes, Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil is the latest and greatest in motor oil and is approved by OEM standards and manufacturer specified for all makes and models, European, American and Asian-produced vehicles, including Ford, Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volvo and more.

What Does Mobil 1 FS 0W 40 Synthetic Motor Oil Do?

Oil such as Mobil 1 quite literally keeps your car's engine running smoothly. It is the lubrication the engine needs to prevent metal parts from rubbing against each other and causing friction or damage. It also keeps fluids running smoothly between components without slowing or hardening into particulates that will later build up and cause sludge or debris within your engine. It can also work correctively in older engines that have become dirty with buildup or sludge and help to clear those particulates from the engine block.



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