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Member's Mark 12" Portable Gas Pizza Oven

Member's Mark 12" Portable Gas Pizza Oven

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  • Pizza's cooked in 2 minutes

  • 13" cordierite pizza stone for optimal durability and heat retention

  • Reaches up to 900˚F in 15 minutes

  • Includes a 12" aluminum pizza peel and 4" stainless steel pizza cutter

  • For outdoor use only


Member’s Mark™ Portable Gas Pizza Oven makes authentic, stone baked pizzas possible anywhere your family and friends gather. This pizza oven comes fully assembled, is lightweight, and conveniently gas powered. It features a fully insulated oven body, a powerful 304 stainless steel burner, and a durable 13” cordierite pizza stone, optimized to achieve temperatures up to 900 D F, within 15 minutes of preheat. Whether you are a Pizza oven novice or a Pizza aficionado, Members Mark Portable Gas Pizza Oven will impress you with its simplicity, its ability to achieve high and consistent temperatures, and its effectiveness at achieving the perfect pizza crust in 2 minutes. This pizza oven is a must have for pizza lovers.

Is this pizza oven convertible to natural gas?

No. Member's Mark Portable Gas Pizza Oven is propane only, and ready to connect to a 20lb propane cylinder.

Does the pizza oven include a cover?

Yes. The Member's Mark Portable Gas Pizza Oven includes a custom 2-in-1 all-weather carry case and cover making it easy to transport just about anywhere for pizza night or protect and store indoors.

Why is the pizza oven not staying lit on start-up?

Member's Mark Portable Gas Pizza Oven lighting instructions on page 15 of the Start Guide & Safety Instructions Manual includes an often missed, critical step to lighting. After the LP cylinder is opened, wait for pressure to stabilize before pushing in and slowly turning the control knob counter clockwise to ‘MAX’ position. A ‘click’ will be heard when the ignition is activated, but it is critical to continue to hold the control knob for 5-10 seconds, allowing the thermocouple to properly heat up, before releasing the control knob. Alternatively, a manual lighting 'Match Lighting Tool' has been included for safe manual lighting. See page 15 of the manual.

What is the pizza stone made of ?

Member's Mark Portable Gas Pizza Oven includes a cordierite pizza stone that is able to withstand 1,000-degree heat without cracking, is very durable and the best option for perfectly cooked crust. Cleaning is simple. Once the oven is cool use a scraper and/or stiff brush to remove any debris and then turn the stone over, allowing the high heat during the next cook to clean the stone.

Can the pizza oven temperature be adjusted?

Member's Mark Portable Gas Pizza Oven has a variable temperature control. For optimal oven temperatures and perfectly cooked crust, preheating and cooking on 'Max' temperature is recommended. Pizzas will cook very quickly on 'Max' temperature and must be turned 1/4 turn every 15 seconds to avoid burning. It is recommended that you adjust the temperature down slightly for your first pizzas to get accustomed to using the pizza peel and turning the pizza.

Does the temperature gauge provide precise oven temperature?

Member's Mark Portable Gas Pizza Oven includes a side mounted temperature gauge that can be used as a reference point for temperature during preheat. Keep in mind that this temperature probe will accurately read one temperature point on the side wall of the oven, but will not provide an accurate temperature reading for the Cordierite pizza stone. To measure the temperature of the pizza stone, use an Infrared Laser Thermometer.

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