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Member's Mark Tropical Trail Mix (48 oz.)

Member's Mark Tropical Trail Mix (48 oz.)

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  • 3 lb. bag of trail mix
  • Contains dried fruit, roasted cashews and raw walnuts
  • Resealable bag keeps everything fresh
  • Ideal for eating on-the-go


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Make snacking easy with Member's Mark Tropical Trail Mix. This 3-lb. bag is perfect for sharing with friends.

What’s in This Member's Mark Tropical Trail Mix?

Made with the typical cashews and walnuts, Member's Mark Tropical Trail Mix contains dried fruit, which makes it much more appetizing. In this pack, you get jumbo-sized pieces of papaya, pineapple, mango, banana chips, cranberry and coconut.

Does Member's Mark Tropical Trail Mix Offer Nutritional Benefits?

This fruit and nut mix contains iron, which is an essential mineral that the human body needs. It also has 0g of trans fat, making it a healthier alternative to other snacks. And since one serving is only 180 calories, you can easily fit this into your day.

What Recipes Can You Make With Member's Mark Tropical Trail Mix?

While you can eat them straight out of the bag, you can also use this trail mix to produce delicious recipes as well. If you’re fond of baking, try placing these treats into your batter. Member's Mark Tropical Trail Mix will give your cookies, brownies and muffins an extra blast of flavor. Make your ice cream sundae even more flavorful with this fruit and nut mix as a topping. Many also enjoy adding trail mix to their salad, but you can experiment on your own.

A Great Way to Snack On-the-Go

Although this trail mix comes in an enormous bag, throw some in a smaller bag and now it’s still a travel-friendly snack. With this trail mix by your side, you can curb your cravings anywhere. If you’re at the office or the gym and are feeling a little hungry, snack on this nut and fruit mix to eliminate the hunger fast. This trail mix can also provide the burst of energy that you need to get through the day.

Convenient Packaging

Since this tropical trail mix doesn’t come in a rigid box, it doesn’t take up much space. You can slide this bag between items, creating extra space on your shelves or in your pantry. The box contains a resealable top, which allows you to grab your desired portion while keeping the rest fresh.


Family sized resealable bag

Net weight: 3 pounds (48 ounces)



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