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Member's Mark Flushable Scented Wipes (60 wipes/pk., 9 pk.)

Member's Mark Flushable Scented Wipes (60 wipes/pk., 9 pk.)

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  • Convenient flushable wipes (see disposal instructions)
  • 9 packs of 60 wipes = 540 wipes total
  • Hypoallergenic, plant-based ingredients
  • Uniquely textured with a fresh scent
  • Certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®


Stay fresh and clean with Member’s Mark™ Flushable Scented Wipes. Soft and absorbent, these flushable wipes are sustainably sourced and deliver a gentle clean with plant-based ingredients.

Gentle Cleansing That's Soft On Skin

The mild cleansing solution used to moisten the wipe material is gentle on skin and sustainable. Beyond being dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, it contains 99% water. The solution is free from ethyl alcohol, parabens, phthalates, dyes, sulfates and other harsh chemicals.

100% Plant-Based Materials

The nonwoven material in this wipe is 100% plant-based, which means that it is made of renewable resources and is biodegradable. The plant-based fibers are certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®). This provides assurance that our supply chain supports the environmental, social and governance commitments of our Member's Mark brand.

Better for the Environment (and Your Sewer System)

Member's Mark Flushable Wipes undergo rigorous, industry standard testing for flushability to ensure wastewater systems will not be harmed. What does all this mean? Well, when you put it all together, it means that Member's Mark Flushable Wipes aren't just safe for you, and your family—they are also safe for the environment, to help us build a better future, together.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Over the next four years, the Member's Mark brand and our supplier will continue to focus on meeting the US Plastic Pact 2025 deadlines of fully recyclable plastic packaging and 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content in plastic packaging. We promise to keep bringing the next generation of sustainably sourced products with greener, safer chemistry and packaging that helps reduce the growing amount of plastic in our environment—with no compromise on performance or value.


Independent lab testing shows these wipes meet INDA Flushable Product Guidelines

Not all systems can accept flushable wipes. Ignoring disposal Instructions may lead to clogs, property damage or regulatory violation

Do not flush if:

Violates local rules

Using RV, marine or aviation system

Using a macerator toilet or household pump

Fat or grease are put in any drain or you are unsure of system capability

Flushing OK if:

Permitted by local rules

1 wipe per flush

No history of clogs or backups

Septic follows EPA schedule for alternative systems (annual inspection and pumping)

If a problem is noticed, dispose of in trash and stop flushing



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