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Little Giant LT M17 Ladder with Storage Rack with Wheels

Little Giant LT M17 Ladder with Storage Rack with Wheels

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  • Built in tipping, gliding wheels
  • Includes ladder storage rack accessory
  • Rated to 300 lbs.
  • Easily adjusts to multiple heights
  • Limited lifetime warranty


When it comes to articulating ladders, the LT by Little Giant offers an excellent value. Versatile, modern and lightweight, this ladder is a great go-to for a variety of jobs. 

Designed for Safety and Comfort

The LT features some of the latest patents and improvements in multi-use ladder design. Rock Locks™ allow for fast, easy adjustment. The Tip & Glide™ Wheels help you get your ladder where you need it. And thanks to wide rungs, you'll enjoy improved balance, comfort and safety.

Tackles a Wide Variety of Jobs

The Little Giant LT M17 Ladder with Storage Rack works as an A-frame, extension ladder, staircase ladder, and 90-degree ladder. You can even use it as trestle-and-plank scaffolding system. The LT helps you access hard-to-reach areas around the house. The LT meets all OSHA & ANSI standards for the Type IA – 300 lb rating.

Stores Quickly and Easily

The Little Giant LT M17 Ladder with Storage Rack includes the popular Little Giant Ladder Storage Rack accessory. When stored incorrectly, your ladder can become a serious trip or tip hazard in your home. A ladder can cause serious damage if knocked or pulled over onto a car, or worse, a child. The Little Giant Storage Rack is designed to safely store your Little Giant Ladder System, so it is easy and safe to access. The Storage Rack is easy to install and is made with heavy-duty high-strength polymer to hold up to 75 pounds. Store your ladder safely and securely with the Little Giant Storage Rack.

How High Can I Reach?

Maximum reach is figured by the highest safe standing level assuming with a 5'6" person with a vertical 12 inch reach. The maximum reach of the extension ladder is 17 ft. 11 in. The maximum reach of the step ladder is 11 ft. 4 in.


Model 17

300-lb. weight capacity


Type 1A rated

OSHA - ANSI approved


Lladder storage rack

Tip & glide wheels

Max reach in extension - 17 ft. 11 in.

Max reach in step ladder - 11 ft. 4 in.

Dimension Specs: 

Step Ladder Height: 4 to 7 feet 

Extension Ladder Height: 9 to 15 feet 

Stores at: 55 x 24 x 8.5 inches



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