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Lemarie Patissier Mini Pancakes, 35.2 oz

Lemarie Patissier Mini Pancakes, 35.2 oz

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Enjoy Lemarie Patissier Mini Pancakes at any time of the day! There's no need to reserve pancakes for a beautiful Saturday morning in the kitchen. Enjoy any time of the day, either alone or with your favorite ice cream. Lemarie Patissier Mini Pancakes are made in France.

Nutritional Information:

About 10 servings per container

Serving size - 5 pancakes (100g)

Calories - 340

Total Fat - 13g

Cholesterol - 90mg

Sodium - 330mg

Total Carbohydrate - 51g

Protein - 6g



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  • Is there any egg in the pancake?


  • Can you please tel me what is the expiration date of the mini pancakes? Thank you

    The expiration dates are usually at least 3 weeks away.

  • what is the expiration date on the current ones in stock?

    The expiration dates are usually 1-2 months away

  • how many pancakes in a bag

    It must be 50 pancakes packed in 25 bags (2 pancakes in each bag).

  • Do the mini pancakes have to be refrigerated?

    No directions to keep it refrigerated, however this can help keep pancakes fresh for a longer time.

  • Do you have the Lemarie pancakes without choclate

    These are Lemarie pancakes without chocolate.

  • When will the mini pancakes be back in stock?

    They are back in stock

  • Can they be frozen?


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