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La Croix Sparkling Water Variety Pack (12 fl. oz., 24 pk.) (Pack of 2)

La Croix Sparkling Water Variety Pack (12 fl. oz., 24 pk.) (Pack of 2)

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  • Flavors are derived from the natural essential oils extracted from the named fruit used in each of the La Croix flavors
  • Flavors included: Lemon (6 count), Grapefruit (6 count) and Lime (12 count)
  • Locally sourced throughout the U.S. and uses a triple filtration system


La Croix Sparkling Water Variety Pack adds a splash of flavor and effervescence to your day with its selection of citrusy carbonated water. It’s the perfect variety pack for staying hydrated at home, school and work, or for restocking vending machines and convenience stores.

About La Croix Sparkling Water, Variety Pack

This multi-pack contains 24 cans, 12 fluid ounces each, of La Croix Sparkling Water with three different flavors: six Lemon, six Grapefruit and 12 Lime. Each delicious can contains zero calories, zero sweeteners and zero sodium. All La Croix flavors are made with a refreshing blend of sparkling water and natural flavors. They're also gluten free, vegan friendly, and kosher certified, making them a healthy part of your day.

Is La Croix Sparkling Water Healthy?

The La Croix Variety Pack contains only sparkling water that is naturally essenced. La Croix Sparkling Water is a favorite beverage for kids and adults alike. Its 12-fluid-ounce can size makes it portable, so bring a can to work or school, and is the perfect size for individual servings—allowing you to enjoy while at home or on the go. This natural sparkling water contains all the flavors and fun of lime, lemon and grapefruit juices, without the sugar, calories and carbohydrates.

Who Loves La Croix Sparkling Water Variety Pack?

Anyone who loves crisp and refreshing sparkling water and natural citrus flavors.

What are Some Fun Ideas for Drinking La Croix Sparkling Water?

All La Croix flavors are great right out of the can, but you can also mix any flavor La Croix with fresh fruit juices or as a mixer for a refreshing cocktail.


24 cans - 12 fluid ounces each

Gluten free



No artificial sweeteners, sugars, calories, or GMO

Net volume: 8.52 Liters (288 fluid ounces)



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