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Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain Sink Basin with Drain Plug

Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain Sink Basin with Drain Plug

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  • Removable plug feature allows you to drain or strain water, eliminating the need to lift or empty a heavy bowl
  • Straining plug catches large food particles, helping to prevent sink blockages
  • Steep bowl keeps water and soap suds inside
  • Large handles on the bowl make carrying easier and safer


The Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain bowl is the ultimate solution for washing dishes, fragile clothes, or even giving your furry friend a bath. This versatile kitchen accessory is designed to make your life easier and more efficient. With an integrated plug that drains water quickly and strains food particles, you'll never have to lift a heavy dish tub again. The plug also helps prevent sink blockages, ensuring your sink stays clear and unclogged. 

The tub is constructed with steep sides to keep water and soap suds inside, making it easy to wash dishes or soak produce. The large carry handles make it easy to move the tub from the sink to the countertop or wherever you need it. You will love the functionality and stylish design of this dish tub. It is perfect for those without a dishwasher or divided sink and is great for use with RV's. This dish tub is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a smart choice for those who value a low-maintenance lifestyle. 

The drain plug is made of high-quality plastic that retains water but still drains easily when ready. Whether you're looking for a versatile dish tub or a convenient tool for washing fragile items, this tub is the perfect choice for you.


  • Hand wash only
  • BPA free



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