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Jay Leno's Garage Complete Care 10-Piece Bucket Kit

Jay Leno's Garage Complete Care 10-Piece Bucket Kit

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  • Extra-slick formulation safely wipes away dust & smudges (Quick Detailer)

  • Thick, foaming lather helps to lift dirt & grime away (Wash + Wax))

  • Easily clean stubborn brake dust and road grime (Wheel Cleaner)

  • Great for use on tires, rubber, vinyl & plastic trim (Tire & Trim)

  • Safe for use on all interior surfaces (Interior Detailer)


Jay's Quick Detailer is your go-to detailing spray when cleaning up around the garage! It's formulated to provide unsurpassed slickness and shine with one easy application. This detailing spray helps to remove fingerprints, smudges, water spots and light dust. It's great for use on all painted surfaces, clear coat, plastic, glass, chrome and more. It's an excellent option to top off freshly waxed or sealed finishes.

Jay's Interior Detailer is a gentle cleansing formula specifically designed for truck and car interior cleaning. Use it for cleaning leather, vinyl, plastic and even sensitive LCD or navigation screens. Blended with special UV inhibitors, our Interior Detailer helps to guard against the harmful effects of the sun. It leaves behind a factory-fresh, non-greasy finish that repels dust for weeks to come

Jay’s Wash + Wax is a great car wash shampoo when we need to get the car or truck clean in quick fashion, and still finish with a high-gloss shine. Its high-foaming formula helps to lift scratch causing dirt and road grime safely away from the paints surface. This formulation contains a unique blend of polymer-based waxes that leave behind a high-gloss finish.

This is an ideal soap for those of you using a foam gun, or a pressure wash & foam cannon combination! Wash and Wax can also be used in direct sunlight without fear of dreaded water spots forming. It's great for washing a vehicle with a previous wax application to help extend the life of the paint protection.

Hands down, Jay’s Wheel Cleaner is the quickest and easiest way to clean stubborn brake dust and road grime. Blended with active cleaning agents and high-tech surfactants, we’ve built a spray-on wheel cleaner that is tough to compete with. We’ve designed this formula to have a thick, viscous composition so it clings to the wheel surface while it is working. After a few moments, you’ll notice the formula change to a deep color purple. That’s the active ingredient attacking the bonded metal contaminants. Allow a few moments for Wheel Cleaner to work (really dirty wheels may require some agitation), then rinse clean for a brand new, show room finish.

It's safe for use on aluminum, alloy, chrome, powder coat, painted and clear coat wheel finishes.

Exposure to harmful UV rays and other environmental elements can fade, discolor or even destroy exterior trim and rubber surfaces. Jay’s Tire & Trim Care is a versatile, water-based dressing that is designed to restore the appearance of rubber, vinyl and sun-faded plastic. Blended with high performance UV inhibitors, Jay’s Tire & Trim Care will help guard these surfaces from further damage.

It's great for use on tires, faded bumpers, lower rocker panels, door trim, weather stripping, mirror covers, weather stripping, moldings, cowls & more. The premium formulation finishes dry to the touch and will not sling or run off the surface. Water-repelling properties help this dressing last through the toughest conditions & even multiple washes.

This bundle also includes a 5-Gallon Bucket, 2 Microfiber Towels, a Foam Applicator Pad, Chenille Wash Mitt to help gently apply and remove grime.



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