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Indian Summer Premium Apple Juice (1 gal., 4 pk.)

Indian Summer Premium Apple Juice (1 gal., 4 pk.)

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  • Premium, pasteurized apple juice
  • Made from fresh U.S. apples
  • Fortified with at least 120% of your daily Vitamin C requirement


Indian Summer Apple Juice is a high quality pasteurized 100% juice. Our apple juice contains 100% recommended Daily Value of Vitamin C. Now you have the greatest taste of Indian Summer Apple Juice with a full day's supply of Vitamin C.

Researchers keep finding good reasons for you to eat your daily apple: Antioxidants to fight cancer-causing free radicals and reduce or reverse age-related degeneration; Flavonoids to reduce the rate of heart attack mortality and for protection against lung, bladder and prostate cancers; Phytoestrogens that lower the incidence of prostate cancer; Essential fluids and sugars to hydrate and energize the body; Pectin to lower cholesterol; and Sweet flavor that motivates babies to drink their juice, use a cup and accept new tastes and foods.


4 bottles - 128 fluid ounces each


Gluten free

Net volume: 15.14 Liters (4 gallons)

**Refrigerate after opening



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