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Independent Living Getting Around (Pack of 6)

Independent Living Getting Around (Pack of 6)

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Here's Your Ticket to Independent Living! Prepare students for the 'real world' with these important life-skills lessons! Getting Around town safely, affordably, and efficiently is your ticket to freedom, but it can also be a real-life challenge... These essential lessons feature helpful tips and important information about the joys and pitfalls of commuting by bike, bus, subway, and car. Whether interpreting subway routes, bus schedules, calculating fares or buying and maintaining a car, students get tons of real-life-situation practice while also improving reading comprehension and practical application math skills. Topics Include: Commuting by Bike: What are the Do's and Don'ts of commuting by bike? Are there bike-friendly cities? How much less does it cost to commute by bike versus a car? Are electric bikes a good option? What are important bike-safety issues and more... Commuting by Bus: Practice interpreting bus schedules, routes and determining how to get to your destination on time. Are there bus-friendly cities? How much does riding a bus cost? Can a bus carry a wheelchair or a bike? Is it possible to travel long distance by bus? Commuting by Subway & Train: Practice interpreting schedules and determining how to get to your destination on time. Calculate train fares, purchase monthly passes and more... Commuting by Car: How do car loans work? Buying vs leasing? Used cars vs new cars? Is car insurance really necessary? Car maintenance... is it that important? What are The Top 7 reasons for getting a traffic ticket? Tips for being a good and safe driver... even in bad weather!
Product Type: Self Awareness
Recommended Grade: Grade 6-12
Recommended Age: 12+ Years


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