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Hostess Mini Powdered Donettes and Frosted Chocolate Mini Donettes (1.5oz., 32pk.)

Hostess Mini Powdered Donettes and Frosted Chocolate Mini Donettes (1.5oz., 32pk.)

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  • Little donuts baked to golden perfection
  • These individually wrapped mini donuts are perfect for sharing with a group
  • Sharing is caring, but eating them all yourself works too
  • Labeled for individual resale


Hostess certainly aims to bring your taste buds the most delicious donut experience with their Powdered Donettes, but do not take their word for it, taste the mini-sized flavor experience yourself. Hostess Powdered Donettes come in a three-count individually wrapped pack that is perfect for your snack break at work or sharing with a team after a game.

Hostess Powdered Mini Donettes are mini-sized donuts baked to golden brown perfection in the Hostess bakeries and then covered liberally with a dusting of pure white powdered sugar.

Hostess Frosted Mini Donettes combine two of your favorite things in life: fudge and donuts. What more could you ask for? These little donuts are made until they are a golden brown, then coated with fudge. They say we eat with our eyes first and the glossy shine of fudge over each mini donut will tempt you to take a bite and discover the moist yumminess inside.

Grab a pack of the Hostess Powered Donettes or the Hostess Frosted Mini Donettes for breakfast today. Since there are 36 packs in a box, you have enough for breakfast tomorrow or lunch today!


32 packs - 1.5 ounces each

Variety pack includes:

Frosted Donettes (16 count)

Powered Donettes (16 count)

Net weight: 3 pounds (48 ounces)



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