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Hefty Supreme Foam Charola Trays, 6.5" x 8.625" (200 ct.)

Hefty Supreme Foam Charola Trays, 6.5" x 8.625" (200 ct.)

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  • Leakproof Charola trays perfect for concessions, backyard parties and everyday use
  • Strong, durable and soakproof for each cleanup
  • Great serving solution for parties, foodservice and catering


Hefty Supreme Foam Charola Trays are well-designed for any time you have guests who want mobility while they dine. Even if folks are just sitting down and catching a game, these are a great solution for convenient dining.

What are Some of the Features of These Trays?

Hefty Supreme Foam Charola Trays are made of ultra-light foam, but don't let that fool you. They are also strong—able to handle a large serving of food. The foam layer is both durable and soak-proof, making it a better choice than paper plates that love to let liquids, salad dressing and grease creep through and onto clothing. They are good for private parties as well as catering because they are so tough and resilient, even when put under the weight of heavy dishes like steak or mashed potatoes.

What are the Trays Good for?

Hefty Supreme Foam Charola Trays are ideal for making sure you get to spend the time after a party or gathering relaxing instead of cleaning dishes all night—or morning—long. They are disposable and fit easily into the garbage, particularly due to their lightweight construction and slim profile. Any time you have a party that requires a quick serving solution, you can reach for these trays. They could even be used for a school fundraiser. Pile them high with cookies, cakes and other sweets. Each pack contains a total of 200 Hefty Charola Trays, more than enough for a party or two.


Strong, Durable & Soak-Proof

Material: Foam

Dimensions: 6.5" x 8.625"

Quantity: 200 charola trays



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