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Hefty Supreme 3-Compartment Foam Plates, 10 1/4" (200 ct.)

Hefty Supreme 3-Compartment Foam Plates, 10 1/4" (200 ct.)

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  • Disposable plates with cut-resistant construction
  • Constructed with thick, soak-proof foam
  • Great for restaurants, food service, concessions and everyday use
  • 3-Compartments help separate food and prevent mixtures overlapping


The Hefty Supreme 3-Compartment Foam Dinner Plates (200 ct.) are strong and sturdy disposable plates that holds a three-course meal with ease. These plates are great for everyday use, as well as for meals enjoyed during special occasions.

About Hefty Supreme 3-Section Foam Plates

This bulk pack contains 200 foam disposable plates, each with three separate sections to hold three different foods and prevent mixing if desired. The plates are crafted with thick foam and measure in at 10-1/4 inches in diameter. They're made to handle types of foods, as they're soak-proof and cut-resistant. This means you can easily dig into saucy barbecue and slice through steak without worrying about seepage and messes.

Are Hefty Supreme 3-Section Foam Plates Durable?

Yes! The ultra-thick foam design makes these disposable plates capable of serving and enjoying a variety of foods – from appetizers and main courses to desserts. You can even enjoy all three together on the plate at the same time, cordoned off thanks to the plate's three separate sections. They also won't bend or tear, like many disposable plates, making these Hefty plates perfect for holding even the richest of foods, like lasagna, brownie sundaes, fish and chips, jumbo burritos and more.

What Are the Best Uses for Hefty Supreme 3-Section Foam Plates?

There're so many ways to enjoy these Hefty foam disposable plates. Keep a stack at home to ensure whenever guests arrive you are prepared. Catering companies and food truck owners also adore these plates, since they are not only strong but can be instantly disposed of. They also make a great addition to work pantries, so co-workers can easily share meals during office birthday parties and other occasions. No matter who uses these Hefty plates, there will be virtually no clean-up time – just toss these plates away and get back to what matters.


3-Compartment dinner plate

Plate Size: 10 1/4"

Count: 200 total plates

Material: Foam



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