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Hefty ECOSAVE Hoagie Hinged Lid Container (9" x 6" , 75 ct.)

Hefty ECOSAVE Hoagie Hinged Lid Container (9" x 6" , 75 ct.)

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  • Hefty ECOSAVE hoagie hinged lid carryout containers
  • Eco-friendly containers made from plant-based materials
  • Great for sandwiches, leftovers and food delivery
  • Soak-resistant and made without PFAs
  • Microwave safe to-go containers


Hefty ECOSAVE Hoagie Hinged Lid Containers has you covered for your restaurants, concession stands, or for your small business needs and to-go orders. These convenient heavy duty takeout containers are soak-proof so that your front seat doesn't get to enjoy the juicy goodness of your food—only you will.

The Hoagie Hinged Lid Containers are perfect for on the go and are strong enough carry out hoagies, hot dogs, chili fries and more. Thanks to the secure, easy-to-use dual interlocking tabs on these takeout containers you don’t need to worry about any accidental spills. The 9" x 6" Hoagie Hinged Lid Containers are microwave safe, so you can heat up your favorite leftovers directly in the container.

Eco-Friendly To-Go Containers

Hefty ECOSAVE Hinged Lid Containers are made with plant-based materials making them a mindful choice for all your to-go food container needs that your customers will appreciate! Business owners who want to use more sustainable products will love the Hefty ECOSAVE product line and can feel good about the containers they provide to their customers.

With Hefty ECOSAVE, the heavy-duty strength and convenience you expect from Hefty are met with sustainability. They are made from plant-based materials, don't contain PFAs, and are compostable in commercial facilities. Using Hefty ECOSAVE means sending less waste to landfills.




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