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Gr4 Steam Project-Based Learning (Pack of 2)

Gr4 Steam Project-Based Learning (Pack of 2)

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Encourage students to develop collaborative problem-solving skills with STEAM Project-Based Learning! The engaging STEAM tasks provide meaningful learning opportunities for students as they work together to study current real-world problems and strategize solutions to help create a better world. These complete units include in-depth activities that provide important context for students as they learn about each topic before they develop solutions. Each robust unit includes a hands-on STEAM task that provides students with a problem to solve using the design process of Problem and Task, Research, Brainstorm and Design, Make It and Explain It. Additional resources in each unit include: • Teacher Page with a unit overview and implementation suggestions • Real-World Connection that introduces the topic with a fictional story • What Is the Problem? page to help students brainstorm solutions to the issue • Learn About the Problem page that provides detailed information about the problem in the real world. • Art Connection that incorporates creativity into finding solutions • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math connections that present additional information about how these fields are used to solve problems • Career Spotlight that presents a variety of careers related to the problems or solutions in the unit. Fourth grade STEAM projects include: • Germs • Bike lanes • Empty mall space • Homeless animals • Food insecurity • Ocean garbage • Access to clean water STEAM Project-Based Learning is an approach to project-based learning that uses science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to engage children in empathizing, thinking critically, and collaborating to develop solutions. Teaching children how to think creatively prepares them for new unknown technologies, industries, and careers. With STEAM activities and tasks, the final product is not as important as the process. Through the process of experimenting and exploring, students are using creative and critical thinking skills. Scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and artists use the same critical thinking skills to find new and innovative solutions. Each book includes a STEAM puzzle and a completion certificate!
Product Type: Skill Builders
Recommended Grade: Grade 4
Recommended Age: 9 Years
Alternative Part Numbers: 9781645141907,EME3114


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