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Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit (8 oz., 24 ct.)

Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit (8 oz., 24 ct.)

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  • 24 Mega Pop Popcorn Kits per case
  • Makes up to 160 quarts of popped corn
  • Consistent perfect-quality, great-tasting popcorn
  • No measuring necessary


Make a movie-watching experience better and tastier with Gold Medal® Mega Pop Popcorn Kit (8 oz., 24 ct.). There aren't a lot of people who don't like the smell and taste of movie theater popcorn. That smell can even be nostalgic for some people. If you can create that aroma every time you make popcorn with a product that's convenient and easy-to-use, doesn't it seem like a good fit for what you're looking for?

How Much Popcorn Will I Get From Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit?

This Gold Medal Popcorn Kit will make up to 160 quarts of popcorn. Each kit of Gold Medal Mega Pop has been pre-measured during the packaging process. Everything you need to make the perfect popcorn is already in the bag. You don't need to measure anything. Just dump the ingredients into the popcorn kettle and you're ready to start popping.

What Size Popcorn Machine Do I Need For Using This Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit?

This Gold Medal Popcorn is meant to be used with an 8 oz. kettle. This size of machine is what you would find in low volume venues. You might even have one at home, maybe in your own little home-theater room. Most of these machines can sit right on a countertop somewhere without taking up too much space.

What Is in the Mega Pop Popcorn Kits?

All of the components that you need to make consistently delicious movie theater popcorn are included in the popcorn kit bag. The package contains corn, salt and coconut oil/high oleic canola oil. Every component has been pre-measured and is ready for pouring into your machine.

Can I Use This Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn in a Larger Machine?

These kits are super convenient. With no measuring required, it's easier and faster to make a batch of movie theater popcorn. If you have a machine that has double the capacity of the 8 oz. kettle, then you could use two of these kits together to make double the amount of popcorn. The kits are really easy to reorder too, so pop as much popcorn as you like without worry.


8 oz. kits; 24 kits per case

Contains corn, coconut oil/high oleic canola oil and salt 

Portion-controlled ingredients

No waste

Easy to inventory, easy to order

Kosher Parve Certified

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