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Gold Medal All Purpose Flour (5.44 kg., 12 lbs.) (Pack of 2)

Gold Medal All Purpose Flour (5.44 kg., 12 lbs.) (Pack of 2)

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  • 12-pound bag of Gold Medal flour
  • A legendary, premium-quality and versatile flour
  • Enriched, pre-sifted and bleached
  • Use for cooking, baking or around the house
  • Will not add color when used to bake white cakes or white breads


Gold Medal™ All-Purpose Flour (12 lbs.) is the perfect baker’s companion in any kitchen, large or small! Gold Medal flour is one of the oldest and most respected names in baking, and with 12 pounds of Gold All-Purpose Flour on hand, kitchens are ready for anything!

Why Is Gold Medal Self-Rising Flour So Famous as the Standard Flour Brand?

Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour has an illustrious history. The standard for premium flour was set in 1866 when entrepreneur C.C. Washburn opened his very first flour mill. A legend was born when Washburn decided to put his flour to the test and enter as a contestant in the Millers’ International Exhibition. The very first competition for millers in Cincinnati, Ohio, the contest awarded the “Gold Medal” to Washburn’s flour, which took home not only the grand prize but also a new name.

While the times may have changed, Gold Medal’s commitment to quality hasn’t. Gold Medal represents a premium product available for everyone. Gold Medal flour is high-quality.

What Are Good Uses for Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour?

Flour is an important staple in any kitchen. Present in virtually every baked good, it’s important to have a consistent supply of flour. Gold Medal is particularly useful for baking white breads and cakes, as Gold Medal will not add its own color. Bake the whitest breads, cakes, and other confections with confidence.

Why Choose 12 Pounds of Flour?

Virtually every baked good requires flour. Any kitchen that routinely bakes bread, pies, cakes, cupcakes or any other confection needs a reliable source of flour. Having a 12-pound bag of Gold Medal Self-Rising Flour handy ensures the oven will always be full of delicious bread and sweets.

Flour also has many exceptional uses outside of the kitchen. Famous for its versatility in do-it-yourself homemaking applications, flour is a great cleaning agent, ant repellant, copper cleaner, stainless steel shiner and much more. Flour can even be used in creating many hygiene products.


12 pound bag

Premium quality flour

Enriched, bleached, and pre-sifted flour

Perfect for any cooking or baking occasion

Ideal for baking white breads and cakes due to it not adding color



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