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Genuine Joe Fungicidal Deodorizing Urinal Z-Mat (6 ct.)

Genuine Joe Fungicidal Deodorizing Urinal Z-Mat (6 ct.)

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  • Protects floors from being stained, discolored and damaged
  • Deodorizing scent helps neutralize foul-smelling odors
  • Contains a fungicide for fighting off germs and bacteria
  • Simple bath mat design and color looks great in any restroom decor
  • Perfect for both urinals and toilets


Keep your bathroom clean and fresh smelling with Genuine Joe® Deodorizing Urinal Z-Mat (6ct.). Place these right in front of each urinal to protect your floors from being dirtied and to prevent the bathroom from smelling like urine. It's the quickest and easiest way to maintain clean bathrooms.

Why Use Genuine Joe Deodorizing Urinal Z-Mat?

Genuine Joe Deodorizing Urinal Z-Mat is a must-have for every bathroom. There's nothing more off-putting and unpleasant than walking into a bathroom with a rancid stench. This is especially true for businesses. But by simply placing this mat by the urinal, you don't have to worry about that. Thanks to its built-in deodorizing scent, it can help fight off bad odors that emanate from the urinals and stalls. Now, you, staff members and customers can all enjoy a fresher bathroom experience.

Who Needs this Urinal Z-Mat?

This Z-Mat is for anyone who wants to keep their bathroom looking and smelling clean. Whether it's for your home or business, everyone can take advantage of this mat. It works for both toilets and urinals. If you're having guests over your house or customers coming in and out of your store, a clean and fresh smelling bathroom is always preferred. Dirty or smelly bathrooms can quickly change a customer's opinion from a positive one to a negative one. Save yourself the criticism and embarrassment with a set of Z-Mats.

Protects Floors

In addition to doing a great job at neutralizing foul-smelling odors, this Z-Mat is also great at protecting your floors from being stained and discolored. Urinals and toilets can often create a mess as urine splashes everywhere. But with the Z-Mat nearby, it'll catch almost every droplet that escapes, absorb it, and then neutralize its odor with its deodorizing scent. Covering a large surface area, you don't have to worry about finding drops or little pools of urine on the floor again.

Fights Germs

To enhance the bathroom maintenance ability of this Z-Mat, each one contains a fungicide to help fight off germs and combat odors. This way, when drops of urine collect on the mat, it won't serve as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria to grow and spread which in return, helps lower the risk of your bathroom producing any possible illnesses and diseases.

Long-Lasting Durability

Even with all the dirt, grime and germs this bath mat has to collect and fight off, they're strong enough to last up to a long four to six weeks depending on usage. And with this pack of six urinal mats, that equals a total of up to 36 weeks. When completely used up, simply replace the mat with a new one to keep your bathroom clean.

Who Makes this Urinal Mat?

This Z-Mat is created by the company Genuine Joe. Founded in the year 2010, they've quickly become a large company for cleaning, breakroom and facility supplies. Along with this urinal mat, Genuine Joe also provides an ever-growing list of related cleaning products including glass cleaners, air fresheners, soap and sanitizers, wipes and much more.


  • Genuine Joe Deodorizing Urinal Z-Mat
  • Fungicidal
  • Lasts up to 6 Weeks
  • Carton of 6
  • Black



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