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G-Floor Levant 8.5' x 22' Garage and Universal Flooring, Slate Grey

G-Floor Levant 8.5' x 22' Garage and Universal Flooring, Slate Grey

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  • Easy rollout installation, no adhesive necessary
  • Covers stained and cracked floors
  • Great in garages, shops, trailers and more
  • Texture is comfortable for bare feet and keeps furniture level
  • Great in garages, shops, trailers, and mancaves


G-Floor Levant Roll-out Garage and Universal Flooring is high quality and purposefully designed for easy installation and maintenance. Levant is the ideal texture where function meets style. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, Levant is durable enough for the garage but also looks great in kitchens, baths, utility and recreational rooms, kennels, offices, retail stores, mancaves, and more–anywhere you need durable flooring.

Made with single-piece construction, eliminating weak points, for long-lasting beauty and protection, the waterproof flooring can cover old, stained floors or protect new cement and epoxy to prevent future damage. Easy to install, no special tools are needed. Just roll out and then pull the flooring over itself into position. You can fluff it like you would a bedsheet, slightly lifting the flooring to introduce air underneath it to help position it into your desired location. Trim if needed.

Mats can adhere to your subfloor for a full wall-to-wall installation. Once installed, the vinyl flooring provides the perfect layer of protection against everyday accidents. Resistant to common chemicals, there's no need to worry about oil leaks or road salt, just quickly wipe up with a damp mop, mild detergent, or vinyl floor cleaner for a deeper clean. Providing years of protection, the Levant pattern offers an upscale look, as well as traction for a slip-resistant surface. Give your floors a clean, classic look and durability for years to come.

The Levant surface texture offers a semi-smooth, matte surface composed of shallow valleys and abrupt edges, similar to the surface of leather.

What is the thickness of the flooring?

G-Floor Levant flooring is 55 Mil thick, which is equivalent to 0.055”.

How do I prepare the floor before installation?

The floor must be clean and completely free of debris. It should also be level and free of any major cracks or defects.

Can I use double-sided tape with a G-Floor installation?

Double-sided tape should only be used on the leading edge of the mat at the entrance of the garage if needed. Most of the time, the parking pad is heavy enough and tape is not needed. We do not recommend using double-sided tape around the perimeter of any parking pad, as it can cause the center of the mat to buckle.


Waterproof, slip-resistant, scratch-resistant and flame retardant

Easy cleanup–simply use a damp mop or mild detergent

8'6" x 22'

100% solid polyvinyl

55 Mil thick which is equivalent to 0.055"

Prevents concrete deterioration and contamination

Durable and resists most common garage and household chemicals

Color: Slate Grey, appearance can vary by monitor



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