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Force Factor Test X180 Legend Testosterone Booster (120 ct.)

Force Factor Test X180 Legend Testosterone Booster (120 ct.)

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  • Boost total testosterone, intensify sex drive, maximize muscle and strength
  • Improve sexual health and overall male vitality
  • Enhanced bioavailability for better results faster
  • Contains AlphaFen®, ginseng, Cordyceps, and Tribulus
  • Experience legendary physical performance and unstoppable energy


Let’s be honest: being a man is relatively straightforward. We provide. We protect. And we do our best to live lives of honor and purpose. And when it comes to what we ask for in return, it’s equally pretty simple: we want to leave a lasting legacy and be legends in our time. That means the kind of man that other men respect and admire, and that women can’t stop talking about.

Biologically, to achieve this goal you want more testosterone and less estrogen – maximizing your masculinity and helping to ensure you’re doing everything you can to live life to its fullest. Testosterone is what determines the distinctive qualities of a man, after all – what separates men from women, boys from men.

Legendary men exhibit a unique ability to build muscle and strength in the gym. They possess a libido and sex drive to help them go the distance whenever called upon. And they are endowed with energy and physical performance to accomplish any task.

Test X180 Legend™ can help you become that man – to accomplish all of this and more. This powerful formula works to improve your sexual health and overall male vitality, allowing you to Unleash Your Potential® as a man and become a true, undeniable legend.

Legendary Ingredients 

By now, men understand that a boost of total testosterone – both bound and free – is important. Bound testosterone acts as a reserve to replenish free testosterone when your body calls for more. And free testosterone is what yields most of the benefits testosterone boosters offer. As you age, your body naturally produces less of both, which is why supplementing is so critical.

The proprietary ingredient AlphaFen® in Test X180 Legend™ delivers a powerful total testosterone boost – one of the biggest available. This superior fenugreek seed extract is unlike others in two significant ways: in addition to boosting total testosterone, it has been shown in compelling clinical studies to also decrease estrogen and increase strength.

Plus, its enhanced bioavailability means better results faster for the dosage required. AlphaFen has been scientifically shown to contain higher levels of bioavailable sapogenins and saponins (crucial fenugreek constituents) – four to ten times higher, in fact.

How it Works:

AlphaFen® delivers a powerful total testosterone boost, working to decrease estrogen and increase strength. Experience more muscle and strength from workouts, impressive libido, and unstoppable energy and physical performance.

About Force Factor:

Force Factor is dedicated to helping men and women achieve success every day by delivering the best in performance nutrition with smart supplements based on the latest science. Trusted by millions of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, hard-working professionals, and other men and women of all ages, Force Factor formulas feature premium, clinically studied ingredients for optimal results.


Total Testosterone Male Amplification Matrix: AlphaFen® Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), Liposomal Extract (seed) (std. to sapogenins), Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Extract (root) (std. to eleutherosides), Panax ginseng Extract (aerial parts) (std. to ginsenosides), Cordyceps sinensis Extract (mycelium) (std. to cordycepic acid), Tribulus terrestris Extract (fruit), Hypromellose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Magnesium, Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.


AlphaFen®: Proprietary fenugreek seed extract to help boost total testosterone

Siberian & Panax Ginseng: Used for centuries to increase masculinity and drive

Cordyceps & Tribulus: Traditionally used to improve libido and vitality

No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

No gelatin, sugar, or preservatives

Vegetable capsules



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