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Flordaking Peach Tree

Flordaking Peach Tree

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  • Produces large, firm clingstone peaches
  • Peaches are very sweet, perfect for eating fresh
  • Mature size of 15-25'H
  • Tree height at time of shipping varies based on growing season


Flordaking is a vigorous grower that produces large, 2 to 2½" firm peaches in early May. Flordaking peaches are clingstone, meaning that the flesh tends to cling to the pit. These trees grow to a mature height of 15 to 25 feet. As such, they are also sweet and can be eaten fresh or are a great choice for desserts. The peaches are yellow with a red blush and yellow flesh. The tree requires 450 chill hours and is a self-pollinator. It is hardy in Zones 5b-8b.


Produces sweet peaches that are perfect for eating fresh

Clingstone peach

Mature size of 15-25 ft. tall

Ships in #5 pot



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