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EcoScapes 36' LED Shatterproof Cafe String Lights (18 bulbs) by Enbrighten

EcoScapes 36' LED Shatterproof Cafe String Lights (18 bulbs) by Enbrighten

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  • Designed for year-round, permanent outdoor installation
  • Impact-resistant bulbs won't break if dropped or stepped on
  • Perfect for patios, gazebos, parties and camping
  • Link additional strands up to 350 feet
  • No bulbs to replace—ever


Add a sophisticated ambiance to your outdoor space with the Enbrighten 36' Strand LED Acrylic Café Lights. They deliver consistently white, attractive light and unprecedented energy efficiency for a light source you never have to replace. Perfect indoors and out, these string-style lights are great for accenting your office or studio. They'll add style and atmosphere to outdoor get-togethers on the deck or patio.

What are the Benefits of Enbrighten 36' Strand LED Acrylic Café Lights?

These lights add functionality and appeal to outdoor spaces. 18 bulbs on a 36-foot string give off a warm white light. And it can easily be mounted anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Built to withstand any weather for year-round enjoyment, you can also hang them outdoors. Hardware to mount them is not included, although these flexible LED café string lights can be mounted any way you like, using permanent mounting options or temporary. Whether you love hosting social gatherings or just spending time on your patio in the evening with family, these string lights make a great addition to the fun. Restaurants or stores with outdoor seating or features will find these lights perfect for providing a warm, lasting light for guests.

How Durable are These LED Café Lights?

They’re extremely durable. They may look delicate to the eye, but these LED café lights consist of acrylic bulbs that are built to survive permanent outdoor weather conditions, drops up to 10-feet and the impact should someone step on one. They’re also backed by a limited lifetime warranty and is a UL-listed product, so they meet or exceed safety standards as well as being durable.

Are These LED Café String Lights Environmentally Friendly?

Not only are they attractive, durable, and highly-functional, these LED café lights are an environmentally-friendly choice. They plug into a power source and have been shown to reduce energy usage by over 95% when compared to other outdoor lighting options. For those looking for outdoor lighting that won’t bust the bank, this is the ideal option for you.

Where Should I Hang My New Enbrighten 36' Strand LED Acrylic Café Lights?

There are so many places to hang these LED cafe string lights–from patios to decks, cottages or camping sites. Their bright warm glow will enhance any gathering, indoors or out. And don’t stop at just one set! They can link with other sets up to 350-feet, so let your lighting imagination run wild.


Commercial-grade light for year-round, permanent outdoor installations

Durable, impact-resistant acrylic bulbs won't break if dropped or stepped on

Perfect for patios, pergolas, gazebos, home accents, parties, and camping

Linkable up to 350 feet

Enbrighten LEDs reduce energy usage by over 95%

Flexible mounting options (hardware not included)

No bulbs to replace—ever

18 bulb, 36 feet

Warm white light (2700K)




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