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Correll 8' Flat Stacking Table Truck, Walnut Brown

Correll 8' Flat Stacking Table Truck, Walnut Brown

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  • Iron frame for durability
  • Swivel makes it easy to steer
  • Table cart wheels for simple maneuvering
  • Great for setting up conferences or reunions
  • Handles made from steel


Setting up for a large conference can be painful and difficult. You have to rent large trucks to fill with all of the tables, chairs and other items that are needed inside the conference room. Expensive equipment, such as projectors, need to be carefully carried in and installed. Unless you have a large budget, you're going to depend on yourself and others that are willing to help. Moving companies are always pricey, and there's an easier way to move the large tables around. With the Correll® 8' Flat Stacking Table Truck, Walnut Brown, you can stack multiple tables on top and transport them to any location within the conference room.

How Does the Correll 8' Flat Stacking Table Truck Work?

The Correll 8' Flat Stacking Table Truck is simple to use. Imagine using a dolly, popular with postal workers, to stack multiple boxes that are heavy or impossible to carry at once. This folding table cart with wheels works the same way, making it easy to transport tables anywhere. All you have to do is stack the tables and begin pulling towards the destination. The wheels on the table cart make it so you don't need two people to carry one large table.

Can This Table Cart with Wheels Be Used for Other Products?

The specifications of this rolling table cart allow you to stack other products on top and move easily to any location. As long as the dimensions of the product are beyond the frame of the table cart, you can place the item on top and move with ease. Some other items might include larger presentation boards or blackboards, both of which would fit easily on the table cart to be moved anywhere.

Is This Table Cart with Wheels Durable?

This table cart was developed to hold at least 16 folding tables at once. The wheels and swivel are built to make maneuvering easy, even with the additional weight. The frame is made out of iron, for premium quality.


2' x 2" Steel Angle Iron Frames

4" Industrial Casters 2 swivel for steering

Steel Handles



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