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Conair Frizz Defense 1" Flat Iron

Conair Frizz Defense 1" Flat Iron

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  • 1” Flat Iron
  • Titanium plates for a smooth-glide finish and shiny results
  • Powerful ion generator fights frizz for sleek styles


Let’s fight frizz together! We love a flat iron that gets rid of frizz without destroying our hair. The Frizz Defense 1” flat iron does it brilliantly- less frizz, less damage. Extra-long titanium plates allow for quick styling and a smooth glide finish for shiny results. Equipped with a powerful ion generator that helps to flatten and smooth the hair follicle to defend against frizz. You get 11 heat settings – from gentle heat for fine/fragile hair, to a high heat of 455°F for thick/textured hair- choose the heat setting that works best for your hair type. Let the ion generator work its magic and style away with less frizz! There’s plenty of good advice online that can help—tips such as don’t shampoo every day, don’t overdry with high heat, and don’t brush too vigorously. In fact, all of these can make the frizz problem worse. And we’re still faced with the underlying issue: lost moisture inside the hair shaft due to an aggravated hair cuticle layer.

Frizz Defense styling tools have a powerful negative ion generator to balance the positive electrical charge in hair and relax the scales in the hair cuticle. When the scales lie flat along the hair shaft, interior moisture is retained, creating a smooth, shiny surface.


  • 1" flat iron
  • Extra long titanium plates
  • 11 heat settings
  • Gentle heat to 455°
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