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CAT Ratchet Tie Down and Cam Buckle Set (4 pc.)

CAT Ratchet Tie Down and Cam Buckle Set (4 pc.)

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  • Secure furniture, sports gear, bicycles, motorcycles and more

  • Oversized rubber coated ratchet handle offers comfort and non-slip grip

  • Rubber coated hooks prevent scratches, scuffs and other damage

  • Two 16-foot-long x 1 1/2-inch-wide straps


The Cat® Ratchet Tie Down and Cam Buckle set is built to withstand the most difficult tasks and conditions. This set includes two 16-foot-long x 1 1/2-inch-wide straps with 1,500-pound working strength/4,500-pound breaking strength and two 1-inch-wide cam buckles with 400-pound working strength/1,200-pound breaking strength. 

These straps offer strength, performance and convenience. All our tie downs feature premium materials and construction to deliver consistent performance. They are ideal for securing sports equipment, surfboards, bicycles, ATVs, motorcycles, mowers, lumber, crates, and other items. The ratchet handle is ergonomic, comfortable, and provides non-slip gripping action. Rubber-coated hooks guard your cargo and your vehicle from scratches, scuffs and other damage. The double hook construction provides additional stability. Ratchet tie downs are built with a quick release pin for added convenience. 

They are designed with extra-wide straps with reinforced edges and extra-wide cushioned handles. The cam buckles have a red release button that makes it simple to tighten and release. These straps are ideal for light outdoor activities. This cargo securement is ideal for lighter weight cargo or fragile cargo. One cam buckle strap includes two S hooks for quick and easy attachment. Cat® products are available for when you need them and purposely built for a wide range of applications at work, at play and everywhere in between.

Ratchet Instructions 

Thread the strap through the slops in the spool.  

Lengthen or shorten the strap based on your needs. 

Lift and lower the ratchet handle.  

Lock the rachet in place.

Release instructions  

Pull back on the quick release pin.  

Unlock the ratchet. 

Pull out the strap.

Cam Buckle Instructions  

Thread strap through the slot in the buckle.  

Pull the webbing through.  

Pull on the loose end of the strap to tighten.  

Keep cam buckle close to lock position into place.  

Depress the level to loosen when releasing. 



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