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Buddeez Food Storage and Dispenser, Black (32 qt.)

Buddeez Food Storage and Dispenser, Black (32 qt.)

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  • 32 qt. dog and cat food dispenser keeps pet food fresh, clean and neat
  • Tip and pour design makes dispensing easy
  • Patented bag-in storage
  • 100% FDA-approved food-grade plastic


The Buddeez

Food Storage and Dispenser, Black (32 qt.) keeps your cat or dog food fresh and neat for easy and daily use.

About Buddeez Food Storage and Dispensers

Buddeez, Inc., is a family-owned household product company. They are most known for creating unique and fun products such as the Bread Buddy, Kingsford® Kaddy and Bag-In All Purpose Dispensers. Buddeez' special and one-of-a-kind lineup of injection-molded dispensers all feature the unique “bag-in” function. This product provides fresh storage solutions for cereal, sugar, pasta, coffee and a wide range of pet products to make your life simpler. In more recent years, Buddeez has developed a selection of Tritan™ break-resistant beverage dispensers that are quickly becoming a best seller.

Why Pick the Buddeez Food Storage and Dispenser?

The Buddeez pet food dispenser is essential for pet owners. This dog and cat food container makes morning and evening feeding a breeze. No longer worry about picking up every piece that comes rolling out of your pet's food bag. Simply empty your favorite dog or cat food brand into the box and watch how much easier feeding your beloved pet becomes. Not only does it cut down on time and messes, but the Buddeez pet food dispenser also keeps your pet's food much fresher for longer. Typical bags stay partially opened and can cause the ingredients to go stale or become tainted by the environment. With your Buddeez pet food dispenser, you can keep your pet satisfied. Not only that but you can now keep the odor from your pet food from leaking into the kitchen or surrounding rooms.

What Should You Know about the Buddeez Food Storage and Dispenser?

This Buddeez pet food dispenser uses patented bag-in storage and 100% FDA-approved food-grade plastic that is proudly made in the USA. The quality design and formula creates an easy-to-clean and use pet food dispenser that makes your pet's life easier and fresher.


  • 32 qt. cat food dispenser keeps cat food fresh, clean and neat
  • Tip & pour makes dispensing easy
  • Patented bag-in storage
  • Easy access
  • 100% FDA approved food-grade plastic
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 19" L x 10" W x 20" H
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