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Boxiecat Clay Gently Scented Litter 40Lb

Boxiecat Clay Gently Scented Litter 40Lb

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Boxiecat Gently Scented Cat Litter is a fast-clumpingmildly scented litter that was developed by a veterinarian to be safe for cat�s sensitive sense of smell. It stays ultra-clean even after weeks of scooping thanks to the hard flat-top clumps that form instantly on the top of the litter boxrather than soaking to the bottomso they�re easy to scoop. Because Boxiecat�s clumps don�t break or crumbleit�s easier to keep kitty�s litter box ultra-cleanbetter smelling and more inviting�it�s like a new bag after every scoop. Proudly made in the USAthis ultra-low dust litter is ideal for households with allergy sufferers. Veterinarian developed formula has a safe and gentle cat-preferred scent that�s moisture-activated; includes natural ingredients with calming benefits. Instantly forms a flat-top clump for easy scooping that makes clean-up a breeze; perfect for single or multi-cat homes and all box types. An advanced dust suppression process makes this litter over 99.9% dust-free; ideal for allergy sufferers. Exceptional odor control eliminates ammonia odors; hypoallergenic and free of bleachdyes or fillers. Proudly made in the USA; one 16-pound bag lasts one cat about one month and one 28-pound bag lasts two cats about one month.
Fill a clean litter box with 3 inches of litter, scoop daily. For best odor control and clumps, maintain 3 inches. Replace all used litter with fresh litter once a month. Additional Instructions Only dispose of used cat litter in trash. Do not flush, bury or dispose of it outdoors, in gutters or storm drains to avoid environmental contamination. Not for internal use. Not meant for use as compost or as a traction aid. Store in a cool, dry place. Product filled by weight; some settling may occur.



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