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Bora Tall Centipede 2' x 4' x 36" Work Stand CTC616 Bonus Pack

Bora Tall Centipede 2' x 4' x 36" Work Stand CTC616 Bonus Pack

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  • BORA Centipede sets up to a 2' x 4' x 36" tall work station in seconds
  • Includes: 2' x 4' x 3' tall base unit, 6 X-Cups, 2 Quick Clamps, 2 hooks, 6 non-slip pucks, Carry Bag 
  • Accessories fit in standard 3/4-inch bench dog holes 
  • Durable polymer "P" shaped pieces on the ends of the vertical struts accept accessories   
  • Weight Capacity: 2500 lbs.    


The Bora Centipede CTC616 Work Stand Bonus Pack is the most flexible solution for your job site, workspace, or workshop. It turns into a 2' x 4' x 36" tall workstation in seconds–no assembly required. Flexible yet tough, the CTC616 allows you to create a custom workspace to fit your needs, wherever that may be. Use it as a table, as a gardening bench in the yard, on your job site to look at plans, as a sawhorse, like a workbench, crafts, camping, and more. The options are endless. 

Everything you Need & More

The Centipede CTC616 includes two quick clamps to hold your materials firmly in place, six X-shaped brackets that hold standard 2 x 4 boards, two accessory hooks for holding cords or tools, six non-slip pucks that keep sheet goods from sliding around, plus a sturdy carry/storage bag. Easy to store and extremely versatile. Use as a sawhorse, build cutting stations or add a piece of plywood and transform it into a portable workbench. Holdings an incredible 2500 lbs., it's great for camping, tailgating, DIY projects, construction sites, and more. Ready to use right out of the box, this work stand will be your new favorite go-to shop accessory. Available in additional sizes to suit your application.

Today’s workspace needs to be flexible and portable. Centipede Work Stands allow you to change locations and setups to suit the task at hand. Whether you are on the job site or in the workshop, you will have the support needed to get the job done. Each model delivers thousands of pounds of capacity without sacrificing portability or ease of setup. The included accessories increase the flexibility of the work stand so any task can be tackled. When the day is done, pack everything up in the included bag and throw it in the back of the truck.


CK22T Centipede tabletop with 3/4" dog holes sold separately

Fast set up and teardown

Portable table, work stand, sawhorse

Weight is just 14 lbs.

Instantly sets up a 2' x 4' x 36" tall work station–no assembly required

24" x 48" x 36" fully open

6" x 9" x 44" collapsed

2500 lbs. capacity

Includes 6 X-Cups, 2 quick clamps, 2 hooks, 6 non-slip pucks, carry bag

Heavy-duty steel rod vertical legs



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