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Bora Centipede Tabletop With 3/4" Dog Holes

Bora Centipede Tabletop With 3/4" Dog Holes

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  • 3/4" dog holes across the surface
  • MDF construction
  • Center carry handle for easy portability
  • Center hinged
  • Designed to fit all BORA Centipede work stands


Bora Centipede Tabletop adds convenience and versatility to any Bora Centipede Work Stand. Whether you’re hopping from job site to job site, doing a DIY project in your garage, or working on crafts in your basement, this portable, folding Bora Centipede CK22T Tabletop makes setup easy and clean up a breeze.

Fits all BORA Centipede Work Stand Models

The BORA Centipede Tabletop CK22T allows you to create a portable table using your existing Centipede Work Stand. The Bora Centipede Tabletop attaches to your Centipede Work Stand, using the six quick twist locking handles that are included. Designed to fit all models of BORA Centipede Work Stands, the actual size of the Centipede Work Stand will determine how many Centipede Tabletops you need for full coverage. One CK22T Tabletop gives full coverage to the Bora Centipede CK6S Work Stand, which measures 24” x 48”. Use multiple Centipede Tabletops for the larger size Centipede Work Stands or set up multi-zoned work areas with only one Centipede Tabletop and 2x4's at the other end for a cutting station. 

Covenient Storage & Portability

The 3/4" dog holes accept Centipede Work Stand accessories like the X-cups and Quick Clamps but also work with many other after-market accessories that use 3/4" dog holes. Hinged in the middle for easy storage and portability, this Centipede accessory makes it simpler than ever to set up and tear down a temporary workspace. It works great to create a temporary table at your job site, a great hobby and craft table, woodworking, anywhere a portable table is needed. With the CK22T Centipede Tabletop, the ultimate workstation is just seconds away.


24" x 48" x 0.75"

Quick and easy setup and tear down

Made specifically for the Bora Centipede Work Stands

3/4" dog holes evenly spaced across the surface

Includes 1 tabletop and 6 quick-twist lock handles

Dog hole pattern is 4” on center

Includes mounting clamps specifically for use with Centipede Work Stands

Works with Centipede X-Cup Bracket, Quick Clamp, and Non-Slip accessories

Model CK6S and CTC6 needs 1, CK9S needs 2, CK12S needs 3, and CK15S needs 4 tabletops

Depending on the size of your Centipede work stand, you may need more than one tabletop for full coverage



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