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BLACK+DECKER Reverse Cord Reel - 50' 14AWG SJTW for Electric Tools

BLACK+DECKER Reverse Cord Reel - 50' 14AWG SJTW for Electric Tools

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  • 50' cord reel, SJTW outdoor rated cable
  • 1 male and 1 female outlet
  • High visibility outdoor extension cord
  • Cable management guide for easy rewind and auto-locking system
  • Easy grip comfort handle for smooth rewind, durable rugged metal frame


The BLACK+DECKER Reverse Cord Reel - 50' is the perfect power solution for all your garden and workshop electric tools. Tangle-free cord management helps cords stay organized and tidy for next use. The cord locking system keeps cords in place and secure. The extension cord reel features a heavy-duty easy grip comfort handle for a smooth rewind and a durable rugged metal frame. 

Heavy-Duty with High Visibility

This convenient retractable electric cord reel has a 14AWG SJTW cable that makes it ideal for large outdoor spaces such as gardens, lawns, workshops, or warehouses, and it will supply heavy-duty power to equipment and tools. It can provide up to 50 feet of additional length, with a 40-foot extension cable and 10-foot cable providing access to power outlets. This exclusive retractable power extension cord has a slim, compact design that makes it easy to take wherever you need it. The rugged metal frame features a sturdy, ergonomic grip handle for easy transportation. It can be easily stored when not in use, and the cord is bright orange to ensure high visibility while working. These extension cord reels have a sturdy, easy-grip handle that will effortlessly wind and organize the cable, with an auto-locking cable clip to keep the end in place.   

At BLACK + DECKER, we have made it our mission to provide high-quality household products and retractable electric cord reels that suit the needs of our customers. We have earned a reputation for quality, ingenuity, and value that you can depend on. Our ESL-certified electric cord extension is the perfect solution to provide power for backyards, gardens, workshops, or warehouses. It is perfect for supplying power to tools, snow blowers, electric lawn mowers, and more. Always have the power you need anywhere with the BLACK + DECKER Garden Extension Cord.


This ETL-certified electric extension cord 

Ideal for gardens, backyards, and workshops

40-foot primary cord to reach tools and additional 10-foot cord for outlet access

Retractable cord reel features a sturdy, easy-grip handle to easily wind extension cords and keep everything organized

Includes an auto-locking system to keep end of cord in place

Durable metal frame and comfortable handle

Heavy-duty cable with a high-visibility orange design ideal for outdoor activity

Compact, easy to carry design

Provide outlets in your garden or backyard

Ideal for drills, table saws, electric lawnmowers, snowblowers, or power washers

Rated for 13A/ 125V/ 1625W

CSA Certified

3-Year Warranty



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