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Big John's Pickled Pigs Feet, 40 Oz.

Big John's Pickled Pigs Feet, 40 Oz.

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Enjoy a flavorful meal with Big John's Pickled Pigs Feet. They're available in a convenient resealable 40 oz jar and are fully cooked and cured with no refrigeration needed. These pickled pork feet are delicious and can be eaten right out of the jar. 

Nutritional Information:

About 6 servings per container

Serving size - 71g

Calories - 140

Total Fat - 11g

Cholesterol - 65mg

Sodium - 600mg

Total Carbohydrate - 0g

Protein - 10g

Ingredients:   Cooked Cured Pigs Feet, Water, Salt, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite. Packed In Vinegar, Salt, Flavoring, Artificial Coloring.



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  • How many is in the jar?

    It varies. The jar is based on the weight, not the count of the feet.

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