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Bankers Box SmoothMove Classic 14 Box Kit (8 Medium/6 Large)

Bankers Box SmoothMove Classic 14 Box Kit (8 Medium/6 Large)

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  • Easy to assemble
  • No tape needed
  • Can be reused
  • SmoothMove boxes are great for moving and storage
  • Made with comfortable hand holes—you won't need to use gloves


Bankers Box SmoothMove 14 Box Kit includes 8 Medium and 6 Large size boxes. Assembled Medium Box measures: 18"x15"x14". Assembled Large Box measures 21"x17"x17". Put away the masking tape that falls apart under pressure. You don't want your items and valuables to break when moving. Easy set-up-no tape required for box assembly. Convenient lift-off lid. Easy carry handles. The Bankers Box SmoothMove boxes works great for storing office materials and all moving purposes. Constructed from strong 32 ECT B-Flute Kraft corrugated board.

What makes the SmoothMove Bankers Box good for moving?

When you are looking to move your belongings into another house or apartment, the task seems impossible. Lots of clothes, kitchenware and fragile items need to be transported to your new home, without the risk of breaking. These SmoothMove Bankers Boxes are durable and can hold all of your items securely. You won't have to worry about hurting your hands with the easy-to-use handles.

Can SmoothMove be used for anything other than moving?

Yes! The Bankers Box SmoothMove box is perfect for safekeeping office supplies, important documents and family keepsakes. The ideal size of these boxes makes it easy to store, allowing you to keep on most shelves and rooms with little space.

Is there anything else I need with the Bankers Box to be ready for moving?

No other tools are needed for set-up and use of the SmoothMove Bankers Box. There is no tape required. Unlike other types of boxes that need to be sealed, these Bankers Box SmoothMove boxes come with a self-locking lid that allows you to secure any items. This self-locking lid replaces the need for tough tape. You won't have to use extra effort to apply tape or deal with a difficult removal process.

Is the Bankers Box SmoothMove box made in the USA?

Yes! the Bankers Box SmoothMove boxes are made in the USA. Each box is 100% reclyclable and made from 60% recycled material.



100% recyclable

Made from 60% recycled content

Perfect for moving or storage

Contains 8 medium and 6 large size boxes

Assembled box measurements:  Medium - 18"x15"x14", Large - 21"x17"x17"

Perfect box for storing or moving family keepsakes and important documents 

Constructed from strong 32 ECT B-Flute Kraft corrugated board

Boxes come with self-locking lids, equipped with easy carry handles

Make your move worry free with Bankers Box SmoothMove Moving Kit 



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